No code SaaS presents orgs with the amazing opportunity to develop software applications with minimal or no coding. Any SaaS company that is looking to scale and innovate quickly is going to be interested in this opportunity, surely?

Let’s see how many respondents from our Future of SaaS Report are taking up the no code solution.

Although only 19% of our respondents confirmed that they have fully embraced no code, with 48% claiming that they have yet to adopt a low-code model, a sizable proportion of our participants claimed that they have plans to evolve to no code (33%).

Graph representing the above stats.

"Low or no-code will in my opinion grow a lot in the coming years. We see that more and more tech becomes accessible for people who can’t code themselves. This makes it possible to create a SaaS business fast and cheap. This is perfect for start-ups because they can create a high-functioning MVP and test it on real-life customers without coding anything."

Anders Bryde Thornlid, Digital Marketing Manager at CyberPilot

The benefit of no code SaaS

Now, let’s look more closely at the benefits of  no code solutions for SaaS companies.

Saves time — SaaS orgs are multi-faceted, and by cutting down on coding time, no code can enable you to distribute your time more broadly.

Greater productivity —no code allows your IT department to accelerate your tech solutions, allowing greater scope for adaptability and the ability to get new features and innovations over the line.

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Cut costs —no code allows orgs to significantly reduce costs by eliminating the need to hire full time, expert developers.

But to find out more about the benefits of no code we sat down with a leading SaaS professional to find out how no code can have a tangible impact on SaaS Scalability.

Rajesh Namase on the pros and cons of no code

Rajesh Namase has significant experience in scaling a startup from the ground up. We wanted to quiz him further on how no-code developments have allowed him to scale.

Can no code benefit SaaS orgs?

No code development is still not ideal for creating complex software programs for now.

However, low-code development works extremely well for creating apps for simple tasks like generating a random number or calculating a price or even creating a web page with a drag-and-drop feature. This type of development is perfect for creating apps for small businesses and SaaS companies.

Many companies hire low-code development staff to create apps for their business.

These apps help companies grow by providing easy ways to do things in the business world. Creating low-code apps saves companies time and money by avoiding the need to pay full-time coders.

Plus, it makes it easy for users to access the features they want without asking IT support for help with setting up new features. For these reasons, no code development is a great way for SaaS companies to grow their business.

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How can no code help SaaS companies cut costs?

SaaS companies save money when they hire no code development staff instead of full-time coders. The apps created this way are also much more reliable since no high-quality coders are used.

This frees up time in business operations to focus on other tasks instead of managing the creative no code process of SaaS apps. NO code development works well in business operations since it easily creates effective apps without costly human resources.

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How can no code benefit the user?

Low-code is a great way for users to access certain features on an app without needing help from IT support staff. Everyone can benefit from easy access to no-code development!

Now let’s look closer at how the tools you can utilize in order to implement a no code strategy in your organization.

Top tools for implementing no code SaaS


If you want to create a website without coding, Webflow provides a visual builder that enables you to design, build, and launch dynamic, responsive websites. It's SEO-optimized and supports a wide range of website types, including blogs, business websites, and eCommerce stores. Webflow is a great choice if you're planning to build a website for your SaaS MVP.


Carrd is a user-friendly landing page builder that is free and straightforward, enabling you to design and create a one-page website with ease. It's an excellent option for those seeking a fast and hassle-free way to launch their website without investing a significant amount of time and money. Carrd is particularly well-suited for developing a landing page or one-page website to verify the validity of your SaaS product.


Gumroad caters to creative entrepreneurs and provides a no-code platform that enables them to create eCommerce solutions for their music, podcasts, and art. The platform includes detailed guides to assist digital entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses.


Teachable is focused on providing solutions for online learning and digital education. The platform enables educators and businesses to develop and host new courses and cohorts effortlessly. With Teachable, it's simple to create modules that include quizzes, discussion forums, and feedback forms. Additionally, the platform simplifies business administration and management.

Bravo Studio

Bravo studio landing page

Bravo Studio is designed for individuals, content creators, and businesses looking to develop intricate iOS and Android applications. The platform enables seamless integration with numerous third-party applications. With Bravo Studio, you can design your application on Figma or Adobe XD and effortlessly convert those files into a fully-functional application.


ManyChat landing page

ManyChat is a chatbot builder that simplifies the process of creating chatbots, eliminating the need to write code. Its drag-and-drop editor makes it effortless for anyone to develop a bot.

The platform integrates with Facebook Messenger, Instagram, email, and SMS and offers over 25 templates, as well as various customization options, to assist you in building your chatbot.

Wrapping up

In order to reach profitability as speedily as possible, SaaS companies are going to be clamoring to find the cheapest and most efficient method possible to scale their org.

Many startups simply don’t have the luxury of hiring a dev team to deliver on their product, and as a result, no code is going to empower SaaS founders to take product development into their own hands and execute on their product vision.

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