On this week’s episode, Gemma Davies, Community Manager at Future of SaaS is joined by Mary Poppen, Chief Customer Officer, Glint Linkedin.

Mary discusses how employee engagement affects customer satisfaction, how to identify if you have an engagement issue, and how onboarding can affect your employee’s enthusiasm.

Key talking points

  • How to identify an employee engagement problem
  • How to create a company culture that encourages employee engagement
  • How onboarding can affect employee enthusiasm

A little bit about Mary

Mary Poppen is Glint’s Chief Customer Officer, responsible for driving and scaling the company’s ability to delight its customers. She was previously Global Head of Innovation Enablement at SAP SuccessFactors, and Chief Customer Officer for SAP’s Global Cloud business before that.

Mary holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has over 15 years of business consulting and leadership experience. She has published research and speaks frequently on the topics of performance and process improvement. In addition, she is a well-recognized customer experience thought leader and presents at global events and conferences on this topic.

Mary is a member of the International Women in Leadership Association.

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