Gamification involves the use of game design and principles in non-gaming environments. So, how can this work for you in SaaS? 🎮

Andrea Saez, Product Growth and Education at ProdPad, is here to talk you through the essential steps to greater customer engagement. 👇

How to use gamification techniques in SaaS products

How can you apply the language of video games into the business world? 🕹

And how can your product benefit?

Andrea talks you through the basics, right through to case examples, and other strategies you can use to engage and delight. Including:

  • What gamification is and how it applies to SaaS products.
  • How to apply it to your SaaS product.
  • How to use the technique if you’re on a tight budget.
  • Top examples of gamification from the world of SaaS.
  • Tips to get started with your gamification strategy.

In this sharp podcast bristling with unique ideas, you’ll learn some of the best ways to go about wowing your customers.

Some of the techniques are subtle. Others are a bit more eye-catching. But they’re all designed to help you engage, convert, and grow your business.

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