Want to learn the ins-and-outs of customer retention so you can boss 2021 with the very best industry strategies and tips? Well, you’ll be able to very soon on Future of SaaS. 😲

But first, we need as many of you as possible to fill out our customer retention survey.

It doesn’t take long. And it’s all designed to help us deliver the best advice for you in our deep dive report (coming soon, don’t forget). 👇

And that’s it! Nothing much else to do after that, just sit back and wait for us to examine all the data and pick out the very best customer retention strategies.

What you’ll get from our report

So, what will you get from this industry-wide report? That’s pretty clear:

  • The best tactics to lower your churn rate.
  • How, and when, to keep track of churn.
  • Insights into the best tried and tested customer retention tactics.
  • How to spot churn well in advance.
  • Tactics that’ll get you better conversion rates.
  • How to pick the right metrics to track.
  • Whether you need a dedicated customer retention team (and the structure to use).
  • The customer engagement data to track, such as DAUs, MAUs, or NPS.
  • Tools you can use to track your retention rates.

And much more! And with all that anonymous input, we’ll put together a report that’ll help you:

  • Get better conversion rates.
  • Spend less on marketing.
  • Spot areas in your business model with room for improvement.
  • Get higher profits.
  • Lower the costs of your daily, monthly, and annual scaling plans.

All we need you to do is fill out that survey! The more of you who contribute, the more detailed we’ll be. Here it is again. 👇

Anything else?

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