The Future of SaaS festival is almost here! 🙌 And there’s plenty to be excited about, including a leading talk from automation experts Celigo. 🎉

Celigo offers one of the best integration platforms (iPaas) out there, connecting apps to automate businesses.

We’re honored to have them center stage and here’s what you’ve got to look forward to. 👇

Powerful metric-driven growth

Matt Graney’s the VP of Product at Celigo and his talk is about building the metrics every product leader needs to drive growth.

His focus is on measuring the right metrics—and to do that, you need to gather data from multiple systems.

In turn, that allows cross-functional teams to gain real-time insights and identify growth potential (as well as churn risk).

iPaaS plays a big role in that! It addresses the challenges product teams have in the super competitive world of SaaS.

Matt will show you the way in this deep dive into how metrics can measure customer health and drive your business’ growth. He’ll cover:

  • Actionable tips for getting up and running with an integration roadmap.
  • Finding the customer experience metrics that make a difference.
  • The integrations that built Celigo’s customer health score.

Can’t wait? Neither can we! So, go ahead and book your FoSaaS talk tickets. 🎟 🎫

A bit about your speaker

Matt Graney’s an expert product management leader with over 15 years’ experience in B2B.

These days, he’s dedicated to his VP of Product role at Celigo and his main role is to oversee the product vision, strategy, and roadmap.

Previously, he also held the Senior Product Management role at Axway (the integration middleware vendor), where he managed the global portfolio strategy.

Get your tickets!

Ready for the talk? 👍 Need a ticket?! 😃 Celigo go center stage on 1st December, 4:30 pm. That’s 11:30 ET and 8:30 PT.

For even more content, strap yourselves in—FoSaaS festival runs from 1-3 December! 🥳  🎉 And includes unmissable insights into leadership strategies, product-led growth, customer success, and investment.

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