How do you take the sass out of SaaS? 🤔 Well, we had a SaaScast podcast discussion about just that!

Why? Because bridging the gap between sales and marketing can make a whole lot of difference for your business.

To talk about the benefits, we were joined by Saleswhale’s superstars Catherine Farley, the Director of Marketing, and Brandon Gargan, the Director of Sales. 👇

How to bridge the gap between sales and marketing

For any SaaS product, marketing and sales are essential paths towards success. But the two departments sometimes don’t quite work harmoniously.

The working relationship between both can have problems, gaps, and a lack of understanding of each other. And this can dent productivity and the effective reach of your product.

So, wondering how to stop these issues so you can increase productivity and business-wide relationships? 👍

In this episode, Catherine and Brandon talk you through just that. With a lively debate featuring actionable tips from the get-go. Including:

  • How to start the process of bridging the gap.
  • Effectively dealing with any pushbacks.
  • How to overcome barriers you may face.
  • The training steps to take between the departments.
  • How overlapping goals and metrics can get everyone working together better than ever.

Plus, much more throughout the 40-minute podcast. Get your headphones at the ready! 🎧

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