The dynamic realm of SaaS constantly brims with fresh innovations. So, how do these innovations find their footing? We firmly believe it happens through engaging discussions and respectful debates.

While posting new content on social media can spark valuable discussions, there's something even more powerful about bringing a gathering of SaaS experts together to exchange ideas.

This is the exceptional opportunity we provide through our events at Future of SaaS. As a seasoned SaaS professional, you can engage with like-minded individuals, collectively devising innovative solutions.

Check out this account from Imran Anwar, Director of Customer Success at Microsoft about his positive experience at our Future of SaaS Festival.

1. How did you prepare for your speaking engagement?

'In general I have always done my public speaking and conference speeches unscripted and even without a deck. Depending on the topic and event I will create a PPT more to tell a story flow.'

The future of SaaS promises a versatile and collaborative environment for our speakers. Whether you come prepared with a well-crafted presentation or prefer a more spontaneous approach, we embrace diversity and encourage our speakers to infuse their talks with their unique style and personality.

2. Can you describe your experience of the event?

'It has been a professionally run org and event and I have not felt any stress or drama.'

Collaborating with us for one of our events is a true partnership, where our speakers hold substantial influence over the topics they explore, as long as it aligns with the event's theme. Consider us as the enablers who highlight your expertise, with our experts taking the spotlight. Our SaaS experts are the stars of the show.

3. What kind of impact do you hope your talk will have on the audience of SaaS professionals?

'A CNN TV host interviewing me said “Imran educates, enlightens, and entertains audiences” and that is always my goal.'

Imran Anwar is held in high regard, much like many other speakers from our events. Opting to take part in one of our events will offer you an excellent chance to connect with some of the most influential SaaS experts in the field.

4. Reflecting on your speaking engagement, what key insights or takeaways do you believe were the most resonant?

'The future is for you to write. No one has a monopoly on it.'

Our speakers are not only here to impart practical SaaS strategies but also to share the wisdom they've accumulated through extensive experience. Regardless of your level of expertise in your field, you're sure to leave with fresh perspectives.

5. What do you think is the true value for you in partnering with us on events like this?

'Future of SaaS has audiences hungry for vision and thought leadership, I have both to offer on multiple topics.'

At future of SaaS you'll find an eager community of SaaS enthusiasts. They're a friendly bunch who thrive off soaking in new insights from SaaS gurus.

6.  How do you think this experience has benefitted you, either personally or professionally?

'As above…. And also, I am not a know it all but a learn it all…. Which means that people asking smart questions and listening to other speakers helps me educate myself more.'

8. What advice would you offer to other industry leaders who might consider becoming speakers?

'Be original, be interesting.'

Our speakers don't view our events merely as a platform for showcasing their impressive strategies. Instead, through intensive discussions with fellow experts who share their mindset, our speakers have unearthed novel perspectives that contribute to their continuous professional growth.

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