The exciting world of SaaS is just bursting with new innovations all the time. But how do new innovations take root? Well, we believe it comes through discussion and respectful debate.

Posting new content on social media can spark great discussion, sure. But what could be better than getting a group of SaaS experts together to share ideas.

This is the invaluable opportunity that we offer through our events at Future of SaaS. As a SaaS professional, you can bounce ideas off like-minded individuals, and arrive at new solutions together. 🤝

This was certainly the case for Minna Vaisanen, Head of Customer Success at Growth Engineering. Here's a breakdown of our case study.

  • A bit of background on Minna
  • What is the true value of Future of SaaS events?
  • The benefit for attendees
  • Minna’s talk
  • The events team
  • New ideas going forward

A bit of background on Minna

Minna is a passionate customer success advocate with over a decade’s experience in delivering innovation in the tech space. Minna knows that for SaaS companies, innovation stems from education, both in how we relate to customers and in how we train our teams to meet customer needs.

Minna’s role encompasses perhaps the most crucial aspect of running a successful SaaS org, arriving at new solutions, dedicated to the customers’ evolving needs.

But meeting the needs of customers means embracing different backgrounds and experiences. Your customers are never going to have exactly the same needs, and a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t do when it comes to customer success.

This is why Minna was the perfect fit for our event, Women in SaaS Summit. Catch the full discussion right here. Scroll down to find out more about Minna’s experiences and the value that you can gain from participating in one of our events.

The playbook to inclusive marketing in SaaS
How do we “effectively” market in the SaaS industry whilst also remaining committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. And how can we keep pushing it forward? 72% of people feel most advertising and communication doesn’t reflect the world around them.

What is the true value of Future of SaaS events?

“In my opinion, it is important to shine a spotlight on topics that are somewhat uncomfortable to speak about, which is exactly why they need to be spoken about.”

Minna highlights a crucial benefit of our events. We’re committed to discussing not just the most pressing issues in the world of SaaS, but confronting those most challenging topics that require the most rigorous discussion.

What benefit do you think attendees will come away from our event with?

“Live events capture people's attention and offer a multichannel strategy in talking about inclusivity. I would say the attendees received value from practical tips that they can implement personally or at their companies. “

The Women in SaaS Summit was not simply an exercise in praising the benefits of inclusivity and diversity, it was also an invaluable opportunity to introduce and discuss tried and tested strategies into your strategy.

Can you describe the experience of your conversation with Jacqueline Porter?

“We had a great collaboration on topics we wanted to highlight from different viewpoints (practical and philosophical) and industries. It was great to work with her on designing our talk and sharing together our best practices and failures.”

At Women in SaaS Summit, Minna Vaisanen got together with Jacqueline Porter, Director of Product Management at Github, to discuss Salary negotiations. An intimidating, but necessary topic for all SaaS professionals. Catch the full discussion right here.

Can you describe the experience of working with our events team?

Our events team at Future of Saas approach events with an open mind. If you’re contacted by a member of our team – or if you reach out yourself, you’ll find the experience of working with us to be a collaborative one. Minna had this to say about working with us:

“Working with the events team is always a great experience. There is a lot of guidance, but also flexibility on discussing our ideas for the talks. The process was a very collaborative and joyful one.”

Do you feel you've gained some fresh perspectives and ideas for going forward?

“Absolutely. Jacqueline and I had such an interesting discussion. Tackling a topic that could be classified as a bit of ‘taboo’ was also a really great opportunity to broaden our horizons.”

Don’t think our speakers just use our events as a platform for bragging about how great their strategies are. Through rigorous discussion with like-minded experts, our speakers have been able to uncover fresh perspectives that help them grow as professionals.

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