The countdown to the SaaS Metrics Summit is on!

Mark your calendars for April 21, 2021, because we’ll be bringing you 10+ hours of action-led presentations from 15+ masters of SaaS metrics.  

In anticipation of the big day here are 4 metrics you’ll know like the back of your hand by the end of the summit, and learn how to leverage them to drive growth.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) vs Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

The difference between monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and annual recurring revenue (ARR) is how often it’s calculated: MMR is calculated monthly on a micro-scale and ARR is calculated annually on a macro scale.

Both metrics provide valuable insights into your business and play a big part in building your company roadmap and product planning. The data you gain from these metrics can be used to forecast revenue, which in turn can be used to plan for new product features.

Measuring ARR enables you to see year-over-year progression at a higher level, while MRR delves deeper on a month-to-month basis, which is a great way to measure the effects of any immediate changes to features or pricing.

Amir Jirbandey (Growth at Papercup) will be talking more about these kinds of metrics and what they mean for start-ups in his talk: Setting up Foundations for Scalable Growth (And How To Measure It).

Plus we have an unmissable panel discussion, which includes Kelly Cheng, Sam Crowell Richard, Ben Murray, and Ray Rike from Wistia, OpenView, Mobile Solutions, and RevOpsSquared on the best metrics to measure the success of your business.

User Activation

New user activation has a huge impact on all the pirate metrics later on in the user journey – after all, if the user doesn’t activate, the chance that they’ll convert and stick around is minimal. But how do you know they have actually become activated? How do you measure the activation point and how can you push more new users to activate?

Emilia Korczynska, Head of Marketing at Userpilot will be showing us how to define activation for your SaaS product, plus a few simple in-app experiments you can use to boost your new user activation with her presentation: User Activation: How to Measure & Boost the Elusive Metrics That Has the Biggest Impact on Product Growth.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is a metric used to measure a customer’s satisfaction with a particular aspect of a product, point in their user journey, or their overall customer experience.

It’s not enough to have a slick product if that product doesn’t address specific user needs. It’s also not enough to interact with customers during onboarding if you can’t incorporate feedback and augment the product.

Yuval Karmi, Simpo Co-Founder & CEO will be covering a session on how success and product teams can work closer, share insights, and improve the user journey for long-term retention and growth.

The only way a SaaS company grows and retains customers is when the offering stays relevant, adds value, and when user happiness is maintained. Yuva will be unpacking all of this and more in his presentation: How SaaS Product & Customer Success Teams Meet Critical KPIs Together.

Churn Rate & Retention Rate

Although intrinsically linked, churn rate and retention rate are polar opposites. Your churn rate refers to the number of customers or subscribers who canceled or failed to renew their subscriptions during a given period. Your retention rate is the number of customers you’ve managed to keep over a period of time.

These are critical metrics for any SaaS business: if your customer doesn't stick around long enough for you to at least recoup your customer acquisition cost, you’re in trouble regardless of monthly revenue.

Swati Chopra, Senior Director of Customer Success at McAfee will be doing a deep dive into the key metrics we should be using to track CS performance to dramatically increase retention rates in her presentation: Customer Success Metrics that Drive 95% Retention

You can also pick up some great advice from our panel discussion: Setting Expectations for Customers Throughout the Journey. The panel includes Mike Lee, Kalyn Lewis, Rebecca Nerad, Rupal Nishar, and Jason Noble from Spreedly, Visme, E2Open, Conga, and Vinli Inc.

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