Here at Future of SaaS, we’re not about lecturing you on how you should be running your SaaS org, we want to create a constant open dialogue, and a culture of collaboration between SaaS experts and thought leaders.

But how do you do that? Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect with some of the most prominent SaaS leaders across the globe? Well, we’re giving you the opportunity to do just that.

On 14-15th June 2022, we’re giving two whole days jam-packed full of some of the hottest topics in the world of Saas right now. 🔥

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Still need convincing? Here’s 10 reasons to attend Future of SaaS 2022.

1. You’ll get answers to your questions

It goes without saying, we love reading insights from SaaS experts, but can’t it be frustrating, when you’re reading an article or a blog post and you really want a thought leader to unpack a point they’ve made?

At Future of Saas, you’ll be able to do this in real-time. Let’s say you’re listening to some really awesome insights from a major SaaS player and suddenly you have this burning question – just drop it in the chat!

The Future of SaaS festival is an opportunity for SaaS practitioners of all levels and backgrounds to come together and find solutions that benefit everyone. 🤝

2. We’ve got a deal that’s right for you

At Future of SaaS, we’re constantly finding solutions and new innovations through our dynamic, informative discussions. Imagine how exciting it’d be when you're here with us at the moment we strike gold? With a free pass, you’ll be getting these invaluable nuggets, totally free, as they come in.

If this amazing opportunity whet’s your appetite for a lifetime’s supply of SaaS insights (and we hope it will) then why not sign up for a lifetime individual pass. You can get get access to the following: 👇

  • 📺 15+ hours of video content
  • 🤯 Killer insights from 30+ SaaS leaders
  • 💬 6+ panel discussions
  • ♾️ Unlimited replays

Or, you can have access to all of the exciting discussion Future of SaaS Festival, plus all exclusive perks that we have to offer within the FoSaaS community, including:  100+ hours’ video content. 👇

  • 📺 FoSaaS Festivals OnDemand
  • ✍ Exclusive SaaS content
  • 📒 Frameworks & templates
  • 🔥 New content every month

All this with our annual pass.

But we know you might not want to keep all of these pearls of wisdom to yourself, you wanna spread it out across your whole organization. The access team pass might just be the ticket for you, with up to 5 team members gaining access.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can find the deal that’s right for you. So what are you waiting for? Secure your ticket today!

3. We’ve got the cream of the crop

Sure, you can google advice from SaaS experts ‘til the cows come home, but at Future of SaaS Festival, you’ll be getting exclusive access to some of the big players in the world of SaaS.

We’re talking about leaders who’ve put the strategies into practice and found real, concrete results. We’re talking about a proven track record of providing real bottom-line benefit to some of the world's major Saas organizations.  

Here’s just a few of the speakers we have lined up for you:

  • Shishir Agrawal, Head of Products, Google
  • Kelly Anderson, Head of Product Marketing, Google Cloud
  • Jessica Box, Head of Growth, Linktree
  • David Collard, Manager of Customer Success, LinkedIn
  • Dipanwita Das, CEO & Co-Founder Sorcero
  • Júlia Fort, UX Research Lead Smallpdf

3 benefits to female leadership in SaaS (and 5 steps to making it happen)
28.8% That’s the total percentage of women working in the technology industry back in 2020, according to this report. This report suggests that the percentage is projected to reach 33% in 2022.

4. We offer practical advice

Future of SaaS festival isn’t about a bunch of high-earning SaaS leaders showing off how successful they are, or trying desperately to plug their products, we seek to educate and inspire.

All of the speakers at our world-renowned events come together with one singular purpose: to spread good business practice throughout the ever-expanding world of SaaS.

You won’t get Saas leaders simply bragging about their achievements, nor will you get speakers fawning over each others’ achievements. We offer exclusive panel discussions in which SaaS experts will probe and challenge different perspectives, all in the hope of arriving at new solutions together. 🤝  

5. We’ve really made a difference

Attendees at our events are simply shouting from the rooftops about the educational value of our events.

Not convinced? Check out some of our attendee testimonials right here. 👇

“The Future of SaaS is a great resource! Their events have been top-notch and super helpful! As an aspiring CSM, I've been learning a lot and networking! Definitely check out more of this platform, its community, events and additional resources! “

“Future of SaaS is something that has been an amazing help for me whether it's networking with like-minded individuals or empowering myself with SaaS orientated content, which is SUPER essential to me to take my customer-facing career to the next level.”

“Helpful group! People share their ideas here and people are happy to learn from each other.”

[Source: Trustpilot]

6.  We’re hosting world-beating organizations

Want more convincing that our speakers are among the best in the world? We think the work speaks for itself. And when your work is as significant as, say, Google or Amazon, it goes without saying that you’re probably the kind of person that’s worth listening to.

At the Future of SaaS Festival, we’re offering you the opportunity to pick the brains of these internationally renowned organizations. Here are just a few of the companies that will be represented. 👇

7.  We’ve got a broad range of subject matter

One of the most exciting things about the burgeoning world of SaaS is how dynamic and varied it is. From customer success to essential business metrics, to killer sales enablement tactics, we’ve got all the know-how you could need to really crush it in the world of SaaS. 👊

Here are just some of the topics we’ll be highlighting at this event: 👇

The future of VC and SaaS investing

Let’s say you’re a hot new startup, you have all the ideas, skills and know-how in the world, but without investment from those key stakeholders, does it even count?

It’s a common story with new startups, you want to launch your amazing new solution but the ground is sticky.

A lot of the time it’s because you don’t have those key financial backers who can really see your potential for growth.  

Future Of SaaS Festival will highlight how to secure those crucial stakeholders that will help your org to launch 🚀

Pricing your SaaS offering to stay competitive

You don’t need us to tell you that pricing can really make or break your SaaS solution. Pricing it right is dependent on a whole host of different factors:

  • What your competitors are offering
  • The demand for your product
  • Your customer base
  • Your USP, and so much more  

At the Future of SaaS Festival, we’ll be really getting into the finer points here and discussing at length how to weigh up all of these essential factors to determine a price that enables your product to take the market by storm.

Strategy for social change: diversity and storytelling
Diversity is a strong contender for the word of the decade. Companies around the world are waking up and asking themselves how they can better represent the societies that surround them.

8. FoSaaS festival is diverse

When talking about diversity, we’re not just talking about ethnicity and background, we’re also talking about another hot-button term right now: neurodiversity.

Successful orgs today are able to establish teams composed of a very broad range of skills and expertise. And when you want to build a community of SaaS enthusiasts, it’s really no different.

That’s why at the future of SaaS folks we’ve got people from many different disciplines including:

  • Product marketers
  • CEOs and founders
  • Sales leaders
  • Customer success managers
  • Growth experts
  • Product-led experts

9. You can connect with anyone anywhere

In-person events have their benefits, sure, but if there’s one thing that the last two years has taught us it’s that virtual events and interactions have their own unique benefits.

You can connect with anyone anywhere.

FoSaaS is a global community, and you can share your thoughts on the discussions unfolding real-time with SaaS folks from all across the globe. Someone from Berlin might give you that killer strategy to unlocking growth for your org, someone from Kolkata might have an onboarding hack that really cuts your churn down to size.

The possibilities are truly infinite.

10. You can listen anywhere

Let’s face it, we all have busy lives. Sometimes we can be so busy with trying to steer our orgs in the right direction that we just don’t have the time to sit down, recalibrate, and absorb that valuable advice that would enable us to set to work on Monday with a fresh perspective.

With our virtual events, you can catch all of the expert tips and strategies anywhere, as you’re going about your day.

Imagine you're in the process of re-organizing your sales team, for example. You’re crazy busy, but you decide to tune into the Future of SaaS Festival as you’re working.

You happen to hear one of our scheduled talks: ‘SaaS sales: developing a foolproof SaaS sales strategy.’ And one of our expert speakers just happens to have that key piece of advice that allows you to assemble a sales dream team.

This is the essence of the Future of SaaS Festival. We’re not just spouting out theory, we’re arming the SaaS leaders of the future with those critical tools to make a real difference. 🙌  

We can’t do it alone. We need your support and collaboration. Join us on June 14-15.